Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hot Hot Kebab!!!!

To our Kebab Hut
a Place where you can find the most Delicious Kebab ever!!!!!

Try our beef-pocket kebab. Stuffed with beef, tomatoes and salads~yum yum

~you can choose from chicken, beef and also mutton. Eat once and you will want more!!!

Love grilled meat? Chicken Shish kebab will definitely lighten your day!



Membership card (fee RM10)
15% discount weekend for each menu
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Different Types of Kebabs

Kebabs are the fast food of the east, and have migrated over to the west where they are a popular choice for an after the pub snack all over the UK. Kebabs and Turkish cuisine is also popular in Germany, due to the high Turkish immigrant population.
Different types of kebab need a different way of cooking, uses of different meats and other ingredients, and the various types need different herbs and spices too. Each type of different kebab has a different aroma and taste.

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